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             abstract = "Many agencies have been producing land cover data with different 
                         definition, number and type of classes. In order to compare two 
                         data sets created using different legends and/or classification 
                         systems, it is necessary to carry out a harmonization process. 
                         This work aims to present and evaluate a harmonization process 
                         between two Land Cover Meta Language (LCML) formalized legends. To 
                         this purpose, two types of land cover legends obtained from maps 
                         from satellite images generated for Amazon region were analyzed 
                         and had their legends harmonized based on two approaches: 1) 
                         considering the semantic meaning of the classes and; 2) 
                         considering LCML descriptors and thresholds. The land cover maps 
                         generated with optical and SAR data were reclassified considering 
                         the harmonized legends proposed and were evaluated in terms of 
                         accuracy and agreement of the classes. For this analysis it was 
                         necessary to convert the land cover mappings to the same format 
                         and projection, and to solve problems of miss-registration. 
                         Although the harmonization process has shown to be effective, not 
                         all of the classes from TerraClass legend could be harmonized to 
                         the classes of the two maps analyzed.",
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